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 Self-Directed Learning (SDL) in Adult Education 

"Self-direction in learning is a way of life" (Brockett & Hiemstra, 1991, p. 18)

Original Purpose 

This wiki was originally created for a learning activity requirement in an adult survey course taught by Ralph G. Brockett at The University of Tennessee. The purpose of the activity was to learn about an aspect of adult education history and to gain experience in presenting ideas in different formats. My intent for this wiki was to present what I had learned exploring the history of self-directed learning (SDL) as well as provide a valuable resource for those wanting an overview of the history of SDL in the field of adult education.


Updated Purpose

As of the International Society for Self-Directed Learning (ISSDL) 24th Annual International Self-Directed Learning Symposium (February 2010), I am inviting all people interested in the promotion of self-directed lifelong learning to contribute in a collaborative effort to add to this collection of information and links and correct as needed. If you wish to contribute to this wiki click on "request access" in the upper right corner and request access. If you are not a member of PBWorks you will be directed on how to join. Select the links at the top of the page to begin an exploration of SDL.


Please contact Jeff Beard if you have questions or comments.

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